"I couldn't be luckier than being a photographer in San Francisco. The natural beauty, urban scapes, cultural diversity, and even the moderate climate provide an endless source of inspiration for my photography."

photo by Richard Shiu



“I refer my students to Heidi because she knows what Bay Area agents are looking for and doesn’t take advantage of talent. She goes out of her way to help with wardrobe and has such a great artistic eye. She’s great with both adults and children.”

“Heidi is AMAZING to work with. I have worked with her as a business woman, she did fashion shoots for us (pregnant women and new moms). She is a unique and special individual and that is what she brings out in her subjects-something that really captures their spirit as well as their beauty/adorableness.
I also want to note that her exquisite visual aesthetic includes her options and choices in location/backgrounds etc. I cannot imagine anyone regretting working with Heidi for a nano-second.”

NYLO Agency

“As owners of an SF Bay Area based boutique agency, a strong portfolio of images that helps our kids ‘stand out’ has always been very important to us. Each talent that we sign has a unique style, skillset, personality, that we strive to have captured in their headshot photos so that our clients are able to see what we see. Heidi has been our ‘go-to’ for 5+ years now, and never fails to capture all of the things we hope for and more.”

“The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco has worked with Heidi for years: from the visit of our prime minister to networking events and corporate portraits. The events and company visits are often fast paced, with many high level participants, and Heidi is very skilled in capturing the moment, making our guests stand out, while giving direction at the right time. The challenge is how to create attractive visuals from corporate events, and Heidi is the right professional to do that.”

“Heidi is an amazing and professional photographer! Her photos always capture exactly what I'm hoping for, and more. She brings subjects to life. My work has been made so much easier and so much better through her talent. She's always my first choice!”

“Heidi has been photographing my son, Drake, for 10 years now. While he now works in the LA market as an actor + model, I have not found any photographer even close to the talent that Heidi has (and we have worked with many in LA). Heidi’s eye, styling, and posing to get just the right look at the right time is unparalleled to any other photographer we have encountered. I know when Heidi shows up I can exhale, as she takes care of every aspect, and I know that we will get winning results.”